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Flag of Mali

Oil, Gas and Security in Mali

Presence of Oil and Gas in Mali

Mali, which is a landlocked country, has no established oil or gas reserves.

Current status of the oil and gas industry in Mali

Exploration for oil and gas started in Mali in 2005. There is particular interest in the Taoudeni basin, the Gao Graben, the Tamesna basin and the Nara trough. Currently, the major activities in the country pertaining to oil and gas are storage, distribution and importation of refined products from the SIR refinery in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and from the SAR refinery in Dakar, Senegal.

Companies engaged in joint venture with the government

The companies currently involved in oil exploration in Mali, are: Selier energy, Sonatrach, Centric energy, Africa oil corporation, and Heritage oil corporation.

Oil, gas and security in Mali

There are no established oil and gas deposits in Mali, and to some degree insecurity maybe responsible for the lack of discoveries. However, the areas of most interest to oil and gas explorers (i.e. the Taoudeni basin) have been away from the core area of hostilities in Mali. Ongoing challenges with post-conflict stabilisation and actual violence have been two issues negatively impacting the investment climate in Mali generally, and the oil and gas sector in particular. In December 2013, the Italian oil corporation ENI pulled out of Mali, and according to Reuters in November 2014 the Malian government rescinded oil and gas prospecting licenses from a number of companies.

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