Record level of macro economies growth across Africa at a time when some of the most established economies in the world are stagnating has gone some way to improving the economic image of African countries. Everyone is aware that on the whole this growth is not trickling through but there are still millions of Africans defying the bleak statistics on poverty across Africa. This project is inspired by these.

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Flag of Rwanda

Oil, Gas and Security in Rwanda

Presence of Oil and Gas in Rwanda

Rwanda – an East African landlocked nation – possesses methane gas (discovered along the borders of DRC and Tanzania); it has no known oil reserves.

Current status of Rwanda’s oil and gas industry

The main activity in the country’s oil industry is importation of refined petroleum products from neighbouring countries: Tanzania and Kenya. Other activities are: storage, facilitated by its storage facilities situated in Kigali, Butare, and Gatsatsa.

Companies engaged in joint venture with the government

The regulation of Rwanda’s oil and gas industry is overseen by the Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Water. Companies engaged in the domestic oil and gas industry are: BP Fina Rwanda SARL, BP-Fina Rwanda, Electrogaz, Engen Petroleum Rwanda S.A, Entreprise Rwandaise de Pétrole, Petro Rwanda, Rwanda Petro gaz, Société Générale de Pétrole.