Record level of macro economies growth across Africa at a time when some of the most established economies in the world are stagnating has gone some way to improving the economic image of African countries. Everyone is aware that on the whole this growth is not trickling through but there are still millions of Africans defying the bleak statistics on poverty across Africa. This project is inspired by these.

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National Security in Nigeria

A National Security Strategy for the Federal Republic of Nigeria

In addition to the fact that Nigeria is Africa’s most populated nation, there have been a number of worrisome security-related developments in Nigeria’s recent history. The document sets out Nigeria’s current strategic context and then goes onto explain and document the security challenges currently facing the country.

These are:

  • Political Violence
  • Extremism
  • Communal violence
  • The Niger Delta
  • Maritime security and transnational crime

Individually these issues are harmful to Nigeria’s vital interest in maintaining peace, security and national unity. Combined, these challenges pose a serious threat to Nigeria’s viability as a nation.


National Security in Nigeria (PDF file – 8.2 mb)

Date: June 2011